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Head Rakete Instinct S
Head Rakete Instinct S
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Head updates Instinct S with some extra stability and power but keeps the maneuverability that made this such a perfect racquet for beginners, strong juniors and intermediate players. Like the Instinct MP, this racket comes with a thick 23-26-23mm beam and open 16x19 string pattern, giving it the same seductive blend of power and spin. The fact that it swings easier than MP makes it a great tool for the improving player who wants to start attacking the ball and playing more aggressive tennis. Like other members of the Instinct family, this racket gets updated with Graphene 360, a technology that gives you the benefits of polarized weighting while also strengthening multiple locations around the head for a more stable and powerful response. Compared to the previous generation, this update swings a tad heavier. The result is a more solid and comfortable feel at impact. There's also more power under the hood, making it easier for less advanced players to take control of the point. Even with the higher swingweight, the Instinct S is still very mobile, making it great for scrambling on defense, executing shots on the run or reacting quickly at net. The speed also helps on service returns where this stick comes around fast to deliver easy targeting. Like the Instinct MP, this racket also shines on serve where you'll find enough spin and precision to swing for power. Ultimately, the Instinct S remains a great option for beginner and intermediate players looking for ease of use.
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