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Head rakete Graphene 360 Radical MP
Head rakete Graphene 360 Radical MP
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With this version of the Radical MP, Head adds another impressive chapter the Radical story, 25+ years in the making. At 312 grams strung, the Radical MP is lighter and faster than a traditional player's racket, making it ideal for the intermediate player. It should also work for the more advanced ball striker who is looking for a light player's racket. Compared to the previous generation, this racket has a higher stiffness level, giving it a livelier and more modern feel. It also comes with Graphene 360, which means it not only benefits from Head's polarized weight system, but it also features structural reinforcements around the hitting area. The result, according to Head, is greater stability and easier access to power. Like the previous generation, the Radical MP features Head's Dynamic String Pattern, which condenses the center main strings for added control. On groundstrokes, the Radical MP not only feels crisp and precise, but it also moves fast for a racket with a 324-RDC swingweight. Full cuts find their mark with ease and there is more than enough spin-potential to bring the ball down effectively. At net, the Radical MP not only moves into position with ease, but it also rewards clean mechanics with penetrating volleys. On serve the combination of spin and power will give you the ability to force some weak replies. Intermediate and advanced players looking for a light player's racket with speed, spin and precision should give this racket a serious look.
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