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Head rakete Graphene 360 Radical S
Head rakete Graphene 360 Radical S
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Intermediate players looking for ease of use have come to the right place. Head's Radical S will not only give you an impressive level of maneuverability, but it also packs a user-friendly combination of power, comfort and spin. This version gets updated with Graphene 360, which not only strengthens the shaft but also reinforces the head at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock. The result is an increase in stability and comfort coupled with easier access to power. As with the previous generation, this racket's 660 square-cm head and a 294 gram static weight make it lighter and more forgiving than the Radical MP and Pro. As a result, it is ideal for the developing player who wants the precision of Head's Radical series but with slightly easier access to power and spin. The Radical S also has above average feel and touch thanks to its low 61 flex. This model also come with a Dynamic String Pattern which features tighter string spacing in the contact zone for more directional control. From the baseline this version of the Radical S not only feels comfortable, accurate and spin-friendly, but it moves a little faster than the previous generation. As a result you'll find it easier to scramble around the court and hit shots on the run. Like the previous generation, it feels surprisingly solid for its weight class. At net the Radical S offers impressive speed, making it great on reaction volleys. The quick handling is also an asset on service returns where the Radical S comes around fast to deliver easy targeting. As one of the lightest members of the Radical family, this user-friendly racket continues to be a great option for improving players who want a high performance racket without the burden of weight.
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